About Skokie United

Engaging in meaningful discussion to provide inclusion to our community.
Skokie United was started in January 2016. After months of discussions about implement something for our community, we came together and started our movement. We started with Unity Coffees. These events where created to meet members of the community and have discussions about living in Skokie. It is also our goal to bring attention to our local cafe's. We are proud of our partnership with Sweety Pies, The Euro Echo Cafe, and Sip 22.  We look forward to working with Pressed. 

We have hosted three Unity Rallies that has allowed us to bring the community together to celebrate Skokie, to share the importance of our different voices, and to remind ourselves of the purpose of our work; community. We have partnered with Skokie Park District and Skokie Public Library to host these events. 
In 2017 we started our book club. We focus on books that provide new perspectives of the human experience. We have read great books by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Victor VillaseƱor, and Jon M. Chu. 
This year we will travel to community events and local programming in addition to the events we create. Join us in participating in SEED, Coming Together, North Shore Center for Performing Arts, and more. 

We Believe statement