Engaging in meaningful action and discussion for positive social change in our community.

Skokie United was started in January 2016. After months of discussions about implement something for our community, we came together and started our movement. We started with Unity Coffees. These events where created to meet members of the community and have discussions about living, working, worshiping, and playing in Skokie.

Skokie United is dedicated to being socially engaged with our community to build diverse, equitable, and inclusive, antiracist neighborhoods through dialogue, events, and relationships.  

Since our inception we have:Hosted Unity Rallies 

  • Hosted out book club

  • Facilitated Community Call To Action meetings

  • Partnered with businesses and organizations

  • Created culturally significant social events


  • In action for racial justice and specifically anti-racist policy and action in our government, education, and all of our public servicesThat Skokie is better by engaging actively with our diverse community members.
  • That Skokie will improve with deep positive relationships by being more inclusive
  • That Skokie should be more welcoming of everyone by giving everyone the ability to live an affordable housing. 
  • In engaging relationships that provide everyone with an opportunity to share their voice.
  • In the ability to deeply connect our community on the basis of our diversity and we focus on creating these supportive opportunities.
  • That It is not enough to be diverse but to embrace racial equity.